OBOBM2 Gas Dispersion Program


Welcome Open Burn Open Detonation Module web site.

Due to Adobe terminating Flash plugin, OBODM2 cannot be accessed through a web page. But you can download and run the app on any Android tablet. Just visit the Google Play Store. There is no cost, no ads, and no in-app purchase requirements.

This site allows users to run the OBODM2 Web App. The app models the emission dispersion when munitions are burned or detonated. The program is based on the original OBODM program developed by H.E. Cramer Co. in 1998. That program was developed to run under MS-DOS on an Intel 8086/8088 CPU based personal computer. Due to the security restrictions, 16 bit program limitation running on Windows 7, 8 and 10, and the inconvenience of running DOS programs, OBODM was redesigned and implemented as a tablet app. The calculations engine is still the same Fortran-based program but runs on a HPC cluster.

Users do need to have an account set up to run the program since all files are stored in an online database. This allows users to access the program on any Android mobile device. At this time, there is no cost to setup an account. Contact Dr. Kurt Gramoll at gramoll@gramago.com if you have questions.

The program development was initially funded by the Joint Munitions Command (JMC) in McAlester, OK. This web site was constructed to allow other users in the Demil community access to the updated OBODM program.


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